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Bostico International provide professional Pahari translators, interpreters and translation services. Bostico can quickly provide a professional and experienced Pahari translation service often within 24 hours. Speak to a Bostico language and translation specialist today for your Pahari translation needs! The Pahari languages are a geographic group of languages spoken in the lower ranges of the Himalayas. Dialects include Kumaoni, Garhwali, Jumli, Nepali, Palpa, and Dogri. Our customers know that we have the ability to translate hundreds of thousands of words in dozens of languages and manage urgent translation projects on request.

Certified/notarised Pahari translators

Our Pahari certified translators are the best in their field of work and are guaranteed to be certified as accurate. Our notarised translations are provided by professional mother tongue translators. Our rigourous internal policies and use of project co-ordinators ensure regular monitoring and controls are carried out during large translation projects.