Bostico International


To bolt down = to eat something. very quickly

To bomb along =travel very fast

To butt in =to interrupt

To apply to =to be relevant to somebody/sth

To let off=to excuse somebody from punishment

To be on the run from =to try to avoid being captured by somebody

To dispose of =to throw something away

To cheer on=to give somebody loud encouragement

To congregate around=to gather round somebody/something in a large group

To fit one in = to find time in oneís schedule to meet somebody

To get in =to arrive

To get down to=to start concentrating on something

To set up=to establish something

To break away from=to stop being part of something

To fall out with=to quarrel with somebody

To be at odds with=to be very different to something

To decide on =to make up oneís mind about something

To face up to=to accept something (an unpleasant truth)

In the interests of=for the sake of somebody/something




Down in the dumps=depressed

To keep somebody in the dark=to keep somebody unaware of something

Isnít all itís cracked up to be=to be not as good as people say

To catch oneís eye=to get somebody attention

 Itís not my cup of tea/my funeral=not within oneís range on interest

Right up our street =within oneís range of somebody's interest or knowledge

To take things easy=to relax

Off the beaten track=isolated and quiet

Run-of-the Ėmill (places)=ordinary and unexciting

As brown as a berry=very suntanned

Round-the clock=all day and all night

Your best bet=the most appropriate choice

Over the moon=extremely pleased

To get into the swing of=to become accustomed

To steer clear=to avoid somebody/something

Let your hair down=relax and enjoy oneself

A new lease of life=a return of energy or enthusiasm