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Proof Reading Services

formal translation

All translations of a sensitive nature should be proof read buy a mother tongue linguist to ensure accuracy. Any court cases where accuracy essential for example could be thrown out due to a simple misunderstanding of the documents at hand. Injuries or even death can occur if a technician misinterprets his manuals. Your customers could skip your site simply because of poor grammar. Things like this are not to be overlooked!

If you have any documents or text where accuracy is essential, you have come to the right place. We have been translating documents since 2003 with an excellent track record and more often than not, a 24 hour turnaround. Simply send in your text and a member of our staff will get back to you with a full quote.

We offer the lowest rates in the UK for those looking for a Certified Translator or a Notarised Translator


Translations for legal purposes require formalising - something to show they're accurate and can be trusted. Depending on the use to which they are to be put, authorities may require Certification, Notarisation or Legalisation. The legality of the document (marriage or divorce, career move, education, purchase of a new house, health, finances, etc) can depend upon the accuracy of certified translation you receive. With Bostico International this is no longer a worry.formal translation

We have been providing certified translations for private functions since 1990 with many compliments along the way. We have the experience and knowledge to guide you through the maze of international documentation at a low cost with maximum quality. Our translators have experience in translating marriage certificates, birth or death certificates, divorce papers, property deeds, qualifications, etc.

If your wedding was, or will be taking place abroad, legal use of that marriage certificate in another country requires it be in the language of that country. The law requires that such documents must certified translations. You may want to offer invitations or orders of service in their language. Bostico International is always happy to help you and we also provide wedding interpreting services

Notarisation holds a set fee of £35.
Certification holds a set fee of £15.