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International Market research

Bostico International has been involved in providing language translation services to the market research industry for many years. We have been working with Top notch research UK companies and have managed their projects with great success leading these companies to winning prestigious awards in the industries.  The accuracy of our translations and telephone research enables international market researchers to extract qualitative data from interviewees irrespective of where the research is being conducted. Accurate translation and localisation of questionnaires is essential to the success of your international research project. This is a demand which our mother tongue translators continue to meet. Our translation/research expertise covers all forms of market research from qualitative to quantitative research.

Researching overseas markets and helping clients to prepare for the launch in a new market

Discussion guides/Show Cards Face to face questionnaires
Screeners Omnibus questionnaires
Product profiles Research presentations
Questionnaire responses Customer satisfaction surveys
Self-completion questionnaires On-line interviewing and panels