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International Sign Language Interpreters

We provide professional International Sign Language interpreting services. International Sign Language (abbreviated as IS or ISL) is a form of language using just hands and motion and is the preferred method of communication of some deaf people in the UK and around the world. Bostico can provide professional and registered International Sign Language interpreters on-site anywhere in the UK. As with normal languages, sign also languages have their own words with completely different hand gestures that could not be understood by others around the world. This is where International Sign Language steps in as it is a constructed language with over a thousand signs intended to unify sign language speakers around the world.

ISL interpreters

ISL Interpreting Services

ISL (also known as Gestuno) dates back to 1924 and was developed almost entirely naturally as a method of communicating at the International Games for the Deaf and as it developed over time there is no consensus on what International Sign is exactly however people from differing countries use ISL spontaneously with each other and with relative success. As a result, ISL is derived from French Sign Language but shares similarities with BSL and is used mainly in international meetings and informally when travelling and socialising.

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