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We provide professional Swedish interpreters for telephone and video conferences and face to face meetings. Bostico offers Swedish translation services from just £0.09p per word and all tailored to your specification. Our team of qualified professionals are here to help you get the best Swedish translation possible. Swedish is a North Germanic language spoken in Sweden and it is a descendant of Old Norse. It is also sometimes called Scandinavian based on the regional history and very commonly misspelled as "Sweedish" with a double "e". Translation is the act of interpreting the meaning of a text in a foreign language but it should also convey the culture and locality which is not always so easy.

Swedish translators and interpreters

Swedish Translators and Interpreters

We provide Swedish translators and interpreter services. All notarised translations are handled only by the most experienced Swedish interpreters and all certified translations are proofread and verified by one of our senior linguists and then double checked by an experienced Project Manager to ensure the best quality. Swedish is commonly misspelt as Sweedish because of the pronunciation. Old Swedish is the term used for the medieval Swedish language, starting in 1225. Our translation services cover all aspects of literature such as books and novels, medical and legal documents, conference material, police reports, technical and engineering manuals, business and financial reports, and property/mortgage deeds.

NOTE: The advertised price per word is a discounted rate valid on large orders only, our base rate for small projects may be higher and all translations hold a minimum fee of £30. Please Contact us if you have any further questions or to get a free translation quote now!