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Romanian Interpreter Services

We provide professional Romanian interpreters for telephone and video conferences and face to face meetings. Bostico has a team of qualified and experienced Romanian translators that will take care of all your Romanian language needs, offering you the perfect balance of price and high quality all under one roof as a one-stop translation/language solution. Romanian language is spoken by around 26 million people as a native language and by another 4 million as a second language. It is a Latin language and it is officially a language of Romanian and Republic of Moldova, recognized as well as a minority language of Hungary, Ukraine and Serbia. Romanian is also considered to hold the nearest resemblance to original Latin than any other language that is still in use today. There are no dialects to speak of but there is a blended "Roma" or "Romani" language which is sometimes reffered to as Romanian. Choose a Romanian Interpreter from Bostico International, and you can be sure of a professional, presentable and qualified professional Romanian Interpreter. Being one of the European Union language, we are able to provide to you translations and interpreting services whenever you want, next to our professional team of interpreters and translators.

Romanian translators and interpreters

Romanian Translators and Interpreters

We provide Romanian translators and interpreter services. We offer certified and notarised Romanian translations that are approved by the Romanian Embassy in London as well as in Romania. Our Romanian linguists are also fully accredited so we can provide simultaneous interpreters for conferences as well as consecutive interpreters for less formal meetings. Romanian has three declension: the nominative-accusative, the genitive-dative, and the vocative and the nouns also preserve the gender, although the Romanian neuter is a mixture of masculine and feminine. According to the revised Constitution of Romania, Romanian is the official language. Our translation services cover all aspects of literature such as books and novels, medical and legal documents, conference material, police reports, technical and engineering manuals, business and financial reports, and property/mortgage deeds.