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Maithili Interpreter Services

We provide professional Maithili interpreters for telephone and video conferences and face to face meetings. Bostico International offers a wide range of language interpreting services from basic translation to web-site localisation. Maithili is spoken in the eastern part of India, mainly in Bihar, Jharkhand and parts of West Bengal and is based on the Indo-Aryan languages. We understand that marketing and communication relates not only to languages but also values, beliefs and culture.

Maithili Translators and Interpreters

We provide Maithili translators and interpreter services. We offer a wide range of Translating solutions to tailor your need where communication in Maithili is required such as books and novels, medical and legal documents, conference material, police reports, technical and engineering manuals, business and financial reports, and property/mortgage deeds. Maithili was traditionally written in the Maithili script (also known by the names Tirhuta and Mithilakshar) and Kaithi script. Nowadays, Devanagari script is most commonly used. All our Notarised translations are proofread by mother tongue linguists to ensure accuracy. As long as it is written, we can translate it. This includes letters, brochures, emails, leaflets, handbooks, websites, presentations and much more.