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Kurdish Interpreter Services

We provide professional Kurdish interpreters for telephone and video conferences and face to face meetings. Bostico is a master in the art of professional translating. Our translators understand the nature of communities, work of the government, local authorities, health sector, charities, and police. We work with the best linguists and our translators will always have an expert grasp of their language. Kurdish (Badini, Kurmanji, Sorani) is primarily spoken by the Kurds in western Asia but also by 35 million people worldwide. The Kurds are an Iranian speaking ethnolinguistic group mostly inhabiting a region known as Kurdistan, which includes adjacent parts of Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. We understand that marketing and communication relates not only to languages but also values, beliefs and culture. Bostico provides to its clients specialised consultancy in any culture. We make sure that the context of the message is adapted to appeal to the culture of the target audience.

Kurdish Translators and Interpreters

We provide Kurdish translators and interpreter services. Our Kurdish Certified translators are the best in their field of work and are guaranteed to be accurate. All our Notarised translations are further proofread by mother tongue linguists and we provide Notarised and Certified Kurdish translations for those that need documents legalised. Kurdish has two standardised versions: The northern version, commonly called Kurmanji, is spoken in Turkey, Syria, and the northern part of Iraq and Iran. The central version, commonly called Sorani, is spoken in west Iran and much of Iraqi Kurdistan. We offer a wide range of Translating solutions to tailor your need where communication in a Kurdish is required such as books and novels, medical and legal documents, conference material, police reports, technical and engineering manuals, business and financial reports, and property/mortgage deeds.

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