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Fur Interpreter Services

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We provide professional Fur interpreters for telephone and video conferences and face to face meetings. Fur (also known as For and Foor) is an extremely rare language spoken by less than 750,000 people in western Sudan and Chad. It is part of the Nilo-Saharan family of languages and therefore closely related to the Amdang language. Like many languages we provide, Fur is extremely rare and we don't have many resources for it so we recommend giving us as much notice as possible when booking your Fur interpreters.

Fur translators and interpreters

Fur Translators and Interpreters

We provide Fur translators and interpreter services. Fur (Foor/For) is a difficult language to provide certified translations for because there are so few peopel that speak it in the UK. We tend to approach these requests with caution and favour translating from Fur into English when providing certified translations but we can still provide translations into Fur depending on the subject and complexity. If you have any questions about the Fur language dialects or translation services for Fur please contact us.

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