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Cantonese Interpreter Services

We provide professional Cantonese Chinese interpreters for telephone and video conferences and face to face meetings. Bostico International is the right place for Cantonese interpreters and translators, we are the Cantonese experts with nearly 10 years of experience in providing bespoke language solutions to the UK. Our translators and interpreters cater for both private individuals and businesses. Cantonese Standard Cantonese is a language spoken in and around the city of Canton in southern China, by the majority population of Hong Kong and Macau, and as a lingua franca of Guangdong province, eastern Guangxi province, and some neighbouring areas. Our team of qualified and experienced Cantonese translators will take care of all your Cantonese language needs, offering you the perfect balance of price and quality, all under one roof as a one-stop translation solution.

Cantonese translators and interpreters

Cantonese Translators and Interpreters

We provide Cantonese translators and interpreter services. Our Cantonese translators are the best in their field of work and guarantee satisfaction. All our Cantonese translations are proofread by Cantonese mother tongue linguists, to ensure your satisfaction. We can also provide Notarised and Certified translations for those that need documents legalised. Our vast experience and customer focused approach guarantees you that you receive your best service for your Cantonese translation how you want it, where you want it, when you want it! We would like to remind our customers that "We don't just translate, we communicate!". The best quality available on the market for your English to Cantonese translations needs. Amongst other languages, we deal with English to Cantonese and Cantonese to English translations, interpretation, and language solutions. A translator will always translate into their mother tongue - so a Cantonese speaker will translate into Cantonese and an English speaker will translate into English. This is our quality promise to you! The Certified Cantonese translation team deal on a daily basis with letters, brochures, handbooks, articles, manuals, guides, contracts, novels, web localisation, software localisation, email translation, etc. Just call and ask! and we will do it. We also offer translations to and from Hakka.

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