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Burmese Interpreter Services

We provide professional Burmese interpreters for telephone and video conferences and face to face meetings. Bostico International offers Burmese translations and interpreters, Our experience and know-how ensures we will take care of all your Burmese translation needs, offering you a no-nonsense one-stop translation solution. Burmese is the official language of Burma and the native language of the Bamar. It is a syllable-timed language, monosyllabic and analytic, with a subject-object-verb word order. Colloquial Burmese has various politeness levels that take status and age of the speaker in relation to the audience into consideration. Translation services are now crucial to the running of many Government bodies, local councils and businesses both large and small.

Burmese translators and interpreters

Burmese Translators and Interpreters

We provide Burmese translators and interpreter services. We offer bespoke language solutions catering for both private individuals and businesses. Our team of qualified and experienced translators will take care of all your Burmese needs offering you the perfect balance of price and quality all under one roof as a one-stop translation/language solution. The Burmese or Myanmar script is used in our translations and it is derived from the Mon script (a southern Indian script). There are five main tones (high, low and creaky, stopped and reduced) and these tones are indicated in writing using diacritics or special letters. All notarised translations are handled only by the most experienced Burmese interpreters and all certified translations are proofread and verified by one of our linguists and then double checked by an experienced Project Manager to ensure you receive the highest certified quality.