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Aramaic Interpreter Services

We provide professional Aramaic interpreters for telephone and video conferences and face to face meetings. Aramaic is a group of Afroasiatic languages and is often considered more of an art form than a language with many varients and styles making up the script. Almost every translation will come out different because each Aramaic translator will use his or her own style. As a result, proofreading it or obtaining a varification that it is an accurate translation can be very difficult.

Why is Aramaic classed as extremely rare?

Although it is over 3000 years old, Aramaic is a dying langauge with very few professionals still practicing its script. You can expect a simple line or sentence of Aramaic to cost well over £250 and it can take over a week to complete. This is not only due to the limited specialists, but the problems encountered with the varification process. As it is more of an art, the choice of characters are often contradicted from one translator to another.