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Acholi Interpreter Services

We provide professional Acholi interpreters for telephone and video conferences and face to face meetings. Acholi is a rare language from Uganda spoken by very few people outside of Africa and as such, providing interpreting services for Acholi can be tricky. As specialists in rare languages, we are ideally positioned to provide you an Acholi interpreter when nobody else can. Acholi (also spelled Acoli, also called Gang or Shuli) is actually a dialect of Luo and it is therefore mutually understood by Lango, Alur and other Luo language speakers. The Acholi language and dialect is spoken mainly by the Luo in Kenya, Uganda, Acoliland and South Sudan. If you need an on-site face to face Acholi Interpreter or an Acholi translation service please contact us.

Acholi translators and interpreters

Acholi Translators and Interpreters

We provide Acholi translators and interpreter services. Acholi is a hard language to work with because there are only around 1 million speakers worldwide but we are still able to provide Notarised or Certified Acholi translations or documents. If you need a certified or notarised Acholi translation please contact us, we can help. Acholi is also known as Acoli, Akoli, Acooli, Atscholi, Shuli, Gang, Lwoo, Lwo, Lok Acoli or Dok Acol but most people will simply request Luo as thsi is the most common denominator.

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