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In addition to providing interpreters we also supply interpreting equipment for conferences, meetings and conventions.

Interpreters Booth

We offer interpretation equipment including interpreter's booths, microphones, headphones, transmitters, consoles and all related sound and audio components.

We will take care of every aspect of your needs from the technical set-up of all equipment to the provision of interpreters to the recording of proceedings.

Bostico International has over 20 years experience of servicing the multi-lingual conference and meetings market.

We provide Bosch Digital Congress Network (DCN) and Infra-red simultaneous interpretation equipment, which is recognised world-wide by conference organiser and user alike for its ease of use, unrivalled performance and technical excellence. Bostico also provides the benefit of a range of technical support facilities, including product training of our technical staff. 

Examples of the interpreting equipment and services you need and we supply are:

Soundproof Interpreting Booths - modular interpreters' booths (ISO 4043 compliant), each equipped with individual DCN interpreters' control and microphone units, high quality headphones, internal lighting and extract ventilation fans. Booths can be constructed with the door at the rear or the side. External dimensions 1.75m (width) 1.75m (depth) 2.28m (height)
Interpreter Consoles, Mixers, Recording Devices
Experienced Interpreting Equipment Technicians
Delegate Units - Including microphones, headphones and voting systems for delegates and attendees.Hand-held radio microphones (for delegates' participation).

To discuss your needs and book your interpreting equipment simply contact us and let us take care of your conference or meeting.