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Braille Services

Bostico International provide professional braille services including printing and transcription and also braille to audio services for those who can't read braille. Early braille education is crucial to literacy, education and employment among the blind so it has become an important part of life for many and an essential ingreedient in their independance. At Bostico International we like to take things further so we provide traditional braille printing services but we also offer full audio transcriptions for the blind. This can be either braille to audio or we can record direct to audio from a script.

What is Braille?

Braille is a tactile writing system for blind people. It involves using embossed indentations in paper to create textures that can be felt by the readers fingers. Each sequence of indentations are clustered into rectangular blocks called "cells" that have tiny bumps called "dots" and each of these characters represents a letter of the braille alphabet.