Bostico International

Bostico International wins the small business of the year award at DEMA 2018

DEMA is all about recognising and celebrating excellence. The event billed as Dorset biggest Cultural Showcase was held at the Bournemouth International Centre over the weekend and attracted the most diverse audience that most guests had ever experienced in a similar setting.

Bostico International is the proud winner of the Small Business of the Year. We are proud of this achievement as this shows the world that working with the community and for the community equals success. Balancing work in the community is hard and we would have never accomplished this without the hard work of our staff and network of interpreters.

In attendance were many pinnacle members Dorset’s community including Dorset and Wiltshire Chief Fire Officer Ben Ansell, BU Head of Regional Community Partnerships Ian Jones, AFC Bournemouth Equality Partnerships Executive Ben Abberstein, Dorset Healthcare NHS Equality and Diversity David Corbin and his Excellency the Mayor and Mayoress, Cllrs Lawrence and Elaine Williams.