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Bad Translation Examples - When translations go wrong

Everyone wants to save a little money, so the idea of using automated tools such as Google Translate or unprofessional/unqualified translators can be tempting. The unfortunate truth is that you simply can't afford to be cheap when it comes to translations as you can see from this very bad translation.

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If we analyse it, you can see that right from the very start, things are just wrong. The very first line says it all: "Beautiful comes from character", We can sort of see what they are trying to say, but the impact of their message is lost by the poor choice of words that simply do not go together.

It then sort of gets better for a few lines, and sort of makes sense, but then they drop this on you "please do not install this lamp for place that near the strong sour alkaline, in order to prevent damage the lamp". OK, now we're confused and to be honest, it appears to be some sort of warning so this is now potentially a dangerous translation. What is even more worrying is that we are only on the second line and it only gets worse.

Some of our favorite clips can be found below:

"the trouble that is appeared in normally using condition which is indicated to the user to use the product in normally condition not having man factor for intentionna11y or mistake factor cause damage" - Huh??

"LED component is a kind of impressionable product in static electricity while you get in touch with LED light bead. Please do not get in touch with the metal cape by hand, in order to prevent the human body static electricity to damage the light bead" - OK, so if we "get in touch" with the metal cape, I guess things will go horribly wrong?

This one is just priceless: "Before installing please check if the inside connection of a light is firm ,for avoid the circuit that result in break down to bring your harassment during conveyance process"

So, to sum it all up: NEVER use automatic tools or unqualified translators to work on your documents, although the case above looks like it was done by a child, the sad truth is that it was more like passed to a friend or relative who obviously totally messed it up. Don't leave it to idiots, send it in for a professional translation service